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How it all started

When I first heard of the trash community in Cireundeu, I knew immediately that I wanted to help. But I didn’t know how or where to start. I was a mother of three children under the age of three, living in Jakarta as an expat.


This didn’t stop me. I decided to help in the only capacity that I could at the time…I started a ‘Coffee for Cause’ group called “Jakarta Mums and Bubs Coffee” where women met weekly at cafes in Jakarta to explore new venues and donated a small monetary gift towards sponsoring children from the XSProject Cireundeu trash picking community. This group grew to over 130 members and we now sponsor 4 children in the community.

Four children who no longer work as trash pickers and are now in full time schooling.

I didn’t stop there…I rallied my mum-friends at school for more sponsorships. With this group, we have financed a further 3 children for their entire elementary schooling years, paying in advanced. We contaced our school board and started to collect non-recyclable plastic pouches from our school and sent them to XSProject for upcycling. We emailed corporations in Indonesia to donate their refuse, too.

Now that I’m in Singapore, I collect discarded billboard banners and match up donors with recipients who need banners for upcycling. The list is endless. Java Eco Project relies on your help and your desire to change the way we are currently doing things, to question the status quo and to UPLIFT lives along the way!

We need your help!

Join the movement at Java Eco Project.

You can help by –

  1. Give Java Eco Products as gifts to spread the word (we specialize in Corporate Gifts).
  2. Hosting your own coffee or meet up group for Java Eco Project and sponsor a child from XSProject Cireundeu trash picking community.
  3. Join our volunteering team – we are in need of your specialized skills and commitment.
  4. Lobby your company (or other companies) to adhere with Corporate Social Responsibility standards and UPLIFTING the way they procure, sell and discard industrial refuse.
  5. Upcycle your non-recyclable waste with us!
  6. Host a Java Eco Project stall at your work, school or club!
  7. Stay calm and UPLIFT!
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