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Mompreneurs Who Rock Singapore

Influencers In The City Balancing Work & Family Altogether!















Tell us about yourself!

I am an Australian expat who has lived abroad for almost 10 years in San Diego, Singapore, and Jakarta. I am now living in Singapore for the second time! My mom is a true example of women and their amazing strength during challenging times. My mother is Cambodian from Teochew heritage and was a survivor of the Khmer Rouge where she lost all her family members. She fled Cambodia when she was pregnant with me as a refugee not knowing where her life would lead her. She raised me in a new country as a single mother, where she didn't speak the language (English in Australia) and taught me hard work and resilience. I grew up in Australia and always felt the desire to give back to other women and families in need. I was blessed to receive an education in Australia and wanted to extend this opportunity to other children, which lead me to start Java Eco Project.

Now I am living in Singapore with my 3 children, all born abroad. We are a mixed culture family with Cambodian, Australian, Cuban, and Chinese heritage. Our kids were born in Singapore and Jakarta.

My hobbies are centered around food and exercise. I love being around wet markets, hawker centers, and temples. I love the smells and buzz of living in Asia and Singapore gives me so much nostalgia of my childhood and upbringing from my Asian mother.

 Tell us about your work/business outside of being a mother!


I am an Australian expat who has lived abroad for almost 10 years. In my previous posting before moving to Singapore, I lived in Jakarta where I had 3 children under the age of 3. Employment wasn't possible for me at that time, so I focused my efforts on helping a local charity named XSProject. The charity produced high quality up-cycled products from non-biodegradable trash and in turn, supported the healthcare and education of a trash picking community in Java. I am passionate about this cause because I was a refugee child myself, who was given an education and lifeline in Australia as an immigrant. I understood the importance of opportunity. I knew that I wanted to continue supporting XSProject after leaving Jakarta. So I set up a social enterprise, The Java Eco Project, once I settled in Singapore.

Top tip for keeping a healthy work/home life balance?


I spend a lot of time being kind to me and I remind myself that there is no timeline for success. I allow myself space to be forgiving, patient, and honest. I try to divide my day into segments - health, family, career, and leisure. Having a female tribe is also critical for my emotional health and they are my cheerleaders who keep me on track.

Favorite things to do with your kids?


We love to go on camping trips in our camper trailer in Australia. We love to fish and explore the outdoors. In Singapore, we are an active family that enjoys bike rides, walks with our dog, water sports, and sailing. We also love exploring Singapore and will never run out of things to do here!

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