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The Ultimate Guide Of 35 Local Women’s Businesses In Singapore

 Featured as top 10 of Savour's 'Ultimate Guide Of 35 Local Women’s Businesses In Singapore'

On this day of 8th March, people all over the world are celebrating International Women’s Day. Hence, today we at Savour! aim to draw your attention to 35 successful local businesses based in Singapore that are being managed and led by women who are doing brilliantly in their respective fields. 

The businesses we featured come from a diverse range of industries and organization types such as retailers, social enterprises, wholesalers, non-profit organisations, caterers, manufacturers and service providers. 

Java Eco Project | Social Enterprise 

It is a non profit, fair wage organization that supports community programs in Indonesia. They actively encourage  corporate, government and educational institutions to help reduce excess waste along with selling upcycled products.

To know more about their organization, click here ! They currently sell a wide range of quality laptop sleeves, cosmetic pouches, cooler lunch packs, shoe cases, batik wine cases, cosmetic bags, business card holders, pencil case, shopping bags, lunch bags, luggage tags, tote bags, and coin purses on Savour!’s platform. Check it out now at