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Check out our latest upcycle with Singapore ANZA Nippers where we transformed discarded uniforms into valuable pouches and bags!

Singapore ANZA Nippers is embarking on a new project to his its Sentosa shores. As part of their commitment to be more sustainable and eco conscious, Nippers collaborated with Java Eco Project to repurpose and upcycle their discarded season’s rash tops, swim caps and flags.

A Singaporean Social Enterprise, Java Eco Project works on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility projects to support the education of trash-picker children in Cireundeu West Java Indonesia. To do this, they specialise in upcycling corporate refuse such as billboard banners, plastic packaging, upholstery, and other waste such as uniforms.

The Founder and CEO of Java Eco Project is Rinka Perez, a fellow Australian expat living in Singapore, Nippers’ parent and committee member helped Nippers to design the new range of products to be sold for fundraising towards the club. Old and bashed up rash tops from the 2019 season were upcycled into unique, one-of-a-kind swim pouches. These pouches proved to be popular with past Nipper members leaving Singapore, who wanted a piece of Nippers to take back home with them.

Children’s swim caps, scribbled with their names in large black marker Texta’s, were dissembled and patched up again to form brightly coloured toiletries pouches. Four swim caps repurposed into one pouch, distinctively featuring member’s names to add to its charm. Parents recognise their children’s names on the pouches and children can keep their swim cap as a new sunscreen or goggle holder for their next season on the beach.

Each product is produced in a fair wages workshop ran by the charity group XSProject located in West Java, Indonesia. To this date, Java Eco Project’s charity partner have employed over 200 workers, reduced landfill waste by 50 tonnes and funded the education of over 100 trash children. Their program helps to break the cycle of poverty experienced by trash picker children living in Indonesia by sponsoring their health and education programs. Java Eco Project seeks to gain more childhood education sponsorships from Singapore donors as part of their Social Enterprise goals.   

This eco-friendly initiative with ANZA Nippers has saved over 30 kgs, 200 pieces of clothing and a handful of beach flags, that would have been destined for the garbage tip. This Nippers Eco Project is also a good example how Nippers is engaging its members and children’s participants on the significance of circular economies and how small initiatives can lead to bigger and greater things such as helping a child in need.

Nippers Branded Merchandise

In addition to the uniform upcycle, Nippers has also released its own exclusive range of branded merchandise from the Java Eco Project range. Featured on the members and the wider public can now purchase Nippers branded Eskies, Wine Bags and Lunch Cooler Bags. All made from upcycled billboard banners sourced in Indonesia, this new range helps divert the banners from ending up as trash and allow everyone to have a piece of Nippers to take home.


The profits of these products are all for the purpose of fundraising. ANZA Singapore Nippers is a not-for-profit sports club with all coaches, committee members and other critical staff who volunteer with time to keep the club running. Help to support and keep the quintessential club going by purchasing from our new upcycled range.

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