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The trash community with XSProject

This is a wonderful video of the trash community that Java Eco Project supports. XSProject is the Charity partner we work with in Indonesia. Starting in 2002, XSProject has UPLIFTED hundreds of lives through their creative UPCYCLING, healthcare and education programs.

Retno XSProject

The speaker in the video is Retno Hapsari, the General Manager of XSProject and is the heart of the Community. I first met Retno back in 2016 when I was seeking a charity organisation to sponsor for a coffee group that I had started (Jakarta Mums & Bubs Coffee - search on Facebook). I came across a photo of my school teacher friend who had visited the trash community supported by XSProject and I was immediately captivated. 

Rinka Perez at XSProject

View the video on the link below and you will see why I was so drawn in... The YouTube video is a brief 5 minute clip showing the daily lives of the trash picking community in Cireundeu (so insightful!) and explains how XSProject has been able to UPLIFT the community (very inspiring!)

Rinka Perez, CEO & Founder of Java Eco Project

View the video  here >>>