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We believe that each corporation has a social responsibility to evolve their business practices to incorporate sustainable development into their business model. By doing so, corporations can have a positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors. Be a part of the environmental revolution by setting a socially conscious CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility) by working with The Java Eco Project. Lead the way and collaborate with us to prioritize your business decisions in helping to reduce waste and positively impact lives.


Since 2007 XSProject has delivered thousands of products into the hands of happy customers, and in doing so we have been able to create jobs and vocational training for 200+ people, supporting 80+ families and educating 100+ of their children.


Java Eco Project would welcome the opportunity to work with your company to develop tailor – made products from plastic bags, pouches, banners and textiles refuse. Collaboration can range from donating your refuse, purchasing our products or a full circular CSR program including raising awareness on corporate waste & industrial refuse. We can design products to your unique specifications. From cooler boxes and a large variety of fashionable bags to iPad/laptop sleeves and cases; we have a popular and proven product catalog to choose from. Purchasing products through Java Eco Project has significant social and environmental benefits that fit well in corporate CSR programs.


We happily welcome all sponsorship, volunteering and donations of corporate salvage to help our cause to UPCYCLE and UPLIFT 
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