Sustainable CSR Projects. Corporate & Event Gifting. Circular Economy & Ethical Sourcing.


Choose Java Eco Project for your next corporate gift or company event. 

  • Design your own unique upcycled product.
  • Personalize your gift with your company logo or create a special message for the recipient.
  • High quantity orders.
  • Upcycle your own corporate refuse.
  • High quality and specialty gifts.
customised logo
customised product
By choosing the JAVA ECO PROJECT as your CSR partner, you can help to change the lives of the most disadvantaged communities in Indonesia whilst having a positive impact on the environment. Highlight your company’s commitment to sustainability, community outreach and its ethical values. 
  • Reduce consumer purchases of wasteful and meaningless, mass produced, single use products.
  • Create a market for eco-friendly, sustainable, and waste free products.
  • Support disadvantaged communities through fair-wage employment, job upskilling, healthcare, and education – to break the cycle of poverty.
Customised orders for your Clubs, Schools and Associations!


We have worked with a range of Clubs and Associations to upcycle their refuse, such as flags, uniforms and discarded materials (plastic wrappers, leather or billboards) to create their own, unique Java Eco Project product. Work with us to create your own upcycle project today!

Examples of upcycling projects include –

  • Laptop bags, sports bags or school bags made from banners and billboards
  • Pencil cases, lunch-bags or backpacks made from off-cut textiles such as leather, car seat upholstery or fabrics
  • Beach bags and totes made from swim wear and many more unique ideas!
Contact us to discuss your organisation's upcycling options. If it’s not in our catalog, we can design a product for you.


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