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Our motto is to upcycle and uplift.

At Java Eco Project, we transform trash into treasures. Our products are expertly crafted to support a trash picking community in Java. 
Our mission is to empower and uplift  our artisans by providing fair wage employment, healthcare and education. 

The Real Story


Whilst living in Jakarta, I was introduced to XSProject and knew immediately that I wanted to support their cause. XSProject produces high quality up-cycled products from non-biodegradable trash and in turn, creates employment and supports the healthcare and education of the trash picking community in Cirendeu. 

Having been brought up as a refugee child myself, I understood the importance of opportunity. In my early years, my mother raised me in a refugee camp in Thailand  without access to safe drinking water, healthcare or nutrition. I was given an education and lifeline in Australia as an immigrant and likewise, want to uplift other children in dire situations through education, healthcare and a pathway out of poverty.

Rinka Perez Founder & CEO



Upon moving to Singapore, I established Java Eco Project, a social enterprise that supports and markets XSProject’s unique, upcycled products. The products are made from consumer and corporate waste such as plastic pouches bought from trash pickers, used billboards, car seat upholstery, advertising banners and flags. Traditional Indonesian batik fabric is incorporated into many of our products to demonstrate how simple waste can become new, unique products.

Buying our products means:

Upcycled Materials

You are diverting trash from landfill, supporting the repurposing of these materials into unique products and giving them a second life.

Fair wage employment

You are championing fair wages for our talented makers ensuring they break the generational cycle of poverty and build brighter futures. 

Supporting a child’s education

You are supporting education programs that provide at least 12 years of schooling and the provision of books, school supplies and uniforms.

Ensuring access to healthcare

You are supporting better health outcomes for the families and children of the Cirendeu community from health checkups to education about health and nutrition.


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