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At Java Eco Project, we work with your school, company, or sports association to help you reach your CSR goals of sustainability, education, and social outreach programs. We believe in "Slow Procurement" where time, thought and effort are placed into the sourcing and manufacturing of our products. Although derived from waste, the product is valuable because of the time placed into the making. Each upcycled product is genuinely unique and tells its own story. There is a story of the maker. A story of the waste. A story of the donor. A story of the trash picker. A story of the child. And story of hope and UPLIFT.

We can work with your organization on many levels. Whether it's to create a circular economy for your company refuse or provide a unique gift for your next corporate event. The opportunities for collaborations are endless! Contact us today and we can bounce some ideas together. Our charity partner XSProject have a proven track record of delivering quality products with returning clients who trust the organization with long term collaborations. By choosing Java Eco Project as your partner, you are choosing to support a trustworthy and transparent organization where you can be proud of raising environmental awareness, positive procurement and UPLIFT the lives of families in the Cireundeu trash community.


Below are examples of CSR collaboration projects we have worked with in Singapore and beyond...

ANZA Singapore Nippers - In 2019, ANZA Singapore Nippers collected their past season's uniforms from their members to embark on an upcycling project. Discarded rashies (swim shirts), swim caps and flags have been upcycled into beach accessories such as beach bags, pouches and wet bags. (2021)

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SIA ENGINEERING In 2019, SIA Engineering donated 3 bags of discarded airline leather to be upcycled. The leather was transformed into laptop cases, pouches, and coin bags. Creating a circular economy with this waste, some of the products were given to clients as a unique corporate gift. Java Eco Project also attended SIA Engineering's annual Staff Safety Conference and hosted a pop-up stall for conference attendees. (2019)

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Australian International School (AIS) As part of AISPA's (Australian International School Parent Association) continuous commitment to community support and charitable efforts, AIS donated pre-loved school uniforms to Java Eco Project. These uniforms are now used by the children at Cireundeu trash community for their schooling needs and have helped with student morale during home schooling in Covid times. Discarded school banners from AIS have also been donated and are currently in production for possible upcycling ideas such as laptop sleeves for students.  

Kellogg Brown & Root Asia Pacific As an ongoing partnership, Java Eco Project have collaborated with KBR Engineering to support their dedication to reducing plastics in oceans, safety of staff and environmental awareness programs. Java Eco Project attended the One Ocean staff family day event in 2019 and hosted a pop-up booth to sell our upcycled products to attendees. We are now endeavoring on an education program with students at a school in Singapore to facilitate upcycling and sustainability projects created by the students themselves.  

Nestle Indonesia Material donation and bulk order (100+) products (2019)

L’oreal Donation banner material and bulk order of small tote goodie bags produced from their banner material (2015- 2017)

Mitsubishi Bulk donation car seat covers. XSProject used the materials for numerous products such as laptop cases and men bags (2016)

Accenture Bulk orders for yearly gift packs staff. Supported the 2016 Design Competition. Sponsored the Fused Plastic R&D product development (2013–current)

P&G Donation of industrial refuse shampoo sachets and bulk order of goody bags from these materials (2018)

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