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Give The Gift Of Opportunity And Uplift

Make a positive impact on a child’s life by financially sponsoring their education and healthcare needs today! Donate via Global Giving is the largest crowdfunding charity in the world. They help social entrepreneurs and non-profits raise the money that is needed to improve their communities. 

Most of the trash pickers live in illegal dwellings with an average income of around US$50 a month. There are no social safety nets and family members as young as 8 years old help their parents by earning a wage through picking and sorting trash. This cycle of poverty is difficult to break without providing hope and opportunities beyond this path. Our goal is to break the generational cycle of trash picking as their only path forward. 

With your help through donations, we can intervene and create new opportunities by the trash picking families with critical necessities, such as education, healthcare and life skills. 

Donate via Global Giving today, any amount helps!