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What is a Social Enterprise?

Java Eco Project is a Social Enterprise registered in Singapore. A Social Enterprise is a business that seeks to create a positive social impact through its trading activities. A social enterprises can be in many forms such as co-operatives, restaurants, retailers, fair trade organisations, travel agencies, tailors, moving companies, and even career consultancies. On top of attaining their social and/or environmental goals, social enterprises, like any other commercial entity, aim to make a financial profit. They have a conventional bottom line to measure financial performance, a second bottom line to determine social outcomes (double bottom line) and sometimes even a third bottom line to assess environmental outcomes (triple bottom line).*

What is the difference between a Social Enterprise and a Non-Profit Organisation?

Social enterprises are like non-profit organisations (NPOs) in that social enterprises serve a community need, but they are different from NPOs because NPOs do not seek to earn a profit. In other words, a social enterprise would have a business model to generate profits while serving a social need. NPOs are legally constituted organisations whose main purpose is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit. When NPOs earn money over and above their expenses, it is retained by the organisation for its future activities, and unlike a profit making organisation and some social enterprises, NPOs do not distribute their earnings among members. The main difference between NPOs and social enterprises is that social enterprises can adopt a for-profit structure.*

(*Definition and resources from “A legal handbook for community organisations” Published by the Law Society of Singapore (‘Law Society’).

What are the goals of Java Eco Project Social Enterprise?

Java Eco Project’s Social Enterprise goals are as follows –

Financial Outcomes 

  • We aim to support XSProject to improve the lives of poor families living in Jakarta’s trash picker communities. We do this by selling XSProject’s UPCYCLED products, promote their sponsorship and donation programs and support their UPCYLCING manufacturing workshop through UPCYCING projects.
  • We aim to support other communities we introduce to UPLIFT in our partnerships through fair wage employment and social welfare programs.

Social Outcomes

  • Through XSProject’s healthcare and educational programs, we aim to break the cycle of poverty in the Cireundeu trash picking community by offering an extra income stream from sorting non-biodegradable plastics in the open garbage dump. We also work to provide trash pickers external employment opportunities through upskilling and fair wage employment.
  • We hope to educate and LIFT the children living in this community by supporting futures that enable them to live and work beyond the trash yard.
  • We hope to educate the broader community of the social effects of trash pickers, educating about the cycle of poverty and the limitations faced by their families.
  • Working with businesses, schools and individuals in Singapore, we hope to raise awareness with our own social responsibility of purchasing and waste disposal habits, and how they can have a greater effect on the  wider community.
  • We hope to help businesses in Singapore to initiate corporate social responsibility (CSR) value systems by upholding ethical standards in environmental, economical and sustainable initiatives to drive their key business decisions.

Environmental Outcomes

  • We aim to educate about the 5 R’s of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle and raise awareness on the environmental impact that businesses, schools and individuals in Singapore can have by their consumer and purchasing choices.
  • We want to promote positive procurement by offering UPCYCLED products in placement of new products, reducing landfill waste and purchasing responsibly.
  • Working with businesses, schools and individuals in Singapore to proactively reduce industrial waste and refuge by offering UPCYCLING projects. We want to shift the mindset towards waste and identify it’s value in repurposing and waste reduction.

What is the relationship between Java Eco Project and XSProject?

Java Eco Project is the exclusive distributor for XSProject UPCYCLED products in Singapore, as well as their key ambassador and brand supporter for their community and healthcare initiatives.

Is XSProject a registered non-for profit?

XSProject is registered as a non-profit with the government of Indonesia under the name Yayasan XSProject Reguna Kreasi. Our Tanda Daftar Yayasan (non-profit) registration number is: 741/F.2/ For more information, contact XSProject directly.


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