upcycling plastic materials

What Is Upcycling?

UPCYCLING  also known as creative reuse is the creative  process of transforming waste products or by-products into new consumer products of higher value. 

Where do we source the materials for our products?

XSProject sources its non biodegradable and non recyclable materials from:

Plastic household and consumer trash retrieved by Jakarta’s trash picker community, offering them an additional income. 
Corporate donations of waste materials such as used highway billboards, advertising banners, flags, fabrics and auto upholstery.

    What type of materials are used in our products? 

    80,000 tons of non-biodegradable plastic packaging is manufactured each year in Indonesia.

    Plastic Pouches: Reborn

    plastic pouch upcycle materials

     Our shopping bags, pencil cases, storage bins and laundry baskets are made from the plastic pouches of refill household cleaning products such as laundry washing detergent, dish washing soap and fabric softeners. 

    The plastic is carefully sorted, washed, and dried in order to safeguard hygiene and quality. The pouches are then cut and sewn into colorful patch-work patterns to create larger pieces. Our finished products are of the highest quality and workmanship.

     Billboards – A New Message

    billboard banner upcycle materials

    Our products made from highway or corporate event billboard signs which have reached the end of their life are always unique as  the design, pattern and colors differ depending on which part of the billboard is used to make the product. The range includes...

    Plastic Bags: Fused And Re-Used

    fusing plastic bags

    Single-use plastic shopping bags are a huge environmental issue and take centuries to degrade. After careful washing,plastic bags are layered and a heating process is used to fuse the bags together, creating a new, more durable material that is crafted into our beautiful laptop bags and sleeves.